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Sheet Metal Commercial Roofing

Is sheet metal for roof a good idea for a commercial building? Yes, metal roofing systemms made from corrugated galvanized steel metal roofing sheets make a good roofing material for commercial structures in place of a Spray Polyurethane Foam, or SPF the more familiar term. Because there is the likelihood of a metal roof leaking, a coating is applied for rust protection, waterproofing, and UV protection.

Before the owner of a commercial structure chooses to have metal roofing sheets for sheet metal roof installation over other roofing materials, a review of sheet metal roofing pros and cons should be considered:

The Pros
  • A Longer Lifespan: The life expectancy of metal roofing is as little as 40 years and as long as 70 years, maybe longer. The specifics of the metal roofing sheets used, the installation, and the maintenance and upkeep are factors that affect the life expectancy. A roof made with metal roofing sheets won’t chip, crack, dry out, rot, or warp like other roofing materials used on a commercial structure. A commercial roof made with metal roofing sheets can withstand thunderstorms and winds up to 140 miles per hour) without sustaining damage because of their interlocking panel system. A commercial roof with metal roofing sheets is resistant to insect and rodent infestation, fungus, mildew, and mold.
  • Installation Ease: A metal roof installation is easy and fast with metal roofing sheets is easier to handle for the roofing contractor. It is a lightweight material that doesn’t require any additional or special consideration of structural support. Metal roofing sheets can be installed over existing roofing materials in many cases without requiring tear-off of the old or worry about leaking.
  • Energy Efficiency: A frequent question when anyone is considering a metal roof is “Do metal roofs make building hotter?”. The answer is with metal roofing sheets will lower energy bills up to 25 percent annually because they reflect the UV rays instead of absorbing them. Because of this reflective property, during the summer, a business owner can save forty percent during the summer even while keeping the building comfortable. Because of the dead-air space between the metal coating and the roofing deck, during the cold weather, a business owner will see up to 15% drop in heating costs.
  • Weather Protective: Because metal roofing sheets have a surface that is hard and slick, and the metal roofing sheets panels interlock, a metal roof can withstand the elements, provide superb weather protection because it is almost impervious to water with proper maintenance and upkeep, including hurricane winds. Because of metal roofing sheets being lightweight, damage from structural movement is reduced.Ice and snow accumulation ice dams are minimized, and lightning strikes are 100% intercepted with the exception of when lightning strikes the rod. The electric charge from the lightning will be safely dissipated.   the electric charge even if it is not grounded (metal roofing will not increase the likelihood of a building to get struck by a lightning).
  • Low Maintenance Expense: Because a metal roof and the metal roofing sheets are durable and have a strong resistance to the elements, they do not degrade as quickly as other roofing materials, they do not need repairs as often, and require less maintenance.
  • A Green Solution: Metal roofing sheets is an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to other roofing materials commonly used on commercial structures. They can be made of as much as 95% recycled material and when they are replaced years later, can be fully recycled. A metal roof is an excellent platform for rainwater harvesting systems and solar panels.
  • A Fire-Resistant Material: Metal roofing sheets are non-combustible, making them resistant to fire, a bonus in areas where wildfires are common and an insurance plus regardless where the building is located.

While a commercial roof made with metal roofing sheets offers many pros, there are some challenges and cons to having a metal roof installed:

The Cons
  • Dents: A roof made with metal roofing sheets is prone to dents, marring, and scratches. A professional roofing contractor is aware of this and will install with extreme care. If softer metal roofing sheets like aluminum or copper, falling tree branches and hail will dent them easier. A metal roof that has been painted will chip, fade, and peel over time, thus it will need to be repainted from time to time.
  • Corrosion: Roofing made with metal roofing sheets can corrode over time when exposed to an environment that has moist salt-spray in the air, like along coastal lines. A protective coating applied when installed can prevent this from happening.
  • Accessing Difficult: A roof made with metal roofing sheets is challenging and dangerous to walk on a metal roof, especially when wet. They become slippery and do not have any traction.
  • Expensive: The greatest disadvantage metal roofing sheets is the initial cost. Pricing will vary from area to area, but the general price range for a 100 square foot roof can be between $150 and up to $600, a cost that is 5 to 10 times more than other roofing materials.
  • Noisy: Rain on metal roofing sheets is noisier, especially with hail. It can be irritating for some and soothing for others.
  • Movement: A roof made with metal roofing sheets will contract and expand with the temperatures, creating a wave effect. If not properly fastened to accommodate this movement, it can become damaged and leak.
  • Modification Problems: Making modifications with sheet metal roof accessories or repairs can be difficult and expensive on a structure that has metal roofing sheets.
Do I need furring strips under metal roof?

If metal roofing sheets will be installed over an existing roof, furring strips will provide extra support and allow space to install extra insulation without concern about condensation.

How long do screws last on metal roofs?

The screws themselves will typically last up to 20 years. With fastener and metal roofing sheets movement, they can become damaged and loosened, requiring replacement. The gaskets used when installing metal roofing sheets will age with the climate and environment and need replacing long before the screws. A monthly inspection is recommended to check for any breakage, corrosion,  discoloration, or loose screws.

Does a metal roof need venting?

Metal roofing sheets will not decrease the need, nor increase the need for ventilation. Building codes vary and ventilation may be required in some areas.  Ventilation will only assist in keeping the roof cooler in the summer and warmer in the months, therefore, providing a benefit that most building owners desire – energy efficiency.

Does a metal roof interfere with WIFI?

Wi-Fi can be disrupted by metal objects, so it is recommended to verify the wireless signal before installing a metal roof. Other factors that interfere with a Wi-Fi signal includes brick or concrete, and water, each can block up to 95 of a wireless signal.

A metal roof is an investment that provides a high ROI of a long lifespan.  There are issues with them, as with any roofing material, and those should be considered before making this investment. Call 775.358.7663 today for your commercial metal roof installation in Sparks, NV.

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