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1930: The Beginning

Alpine Roofing, Inc. is the story of a family-operated business dedicated to quality roofing service backed by experience. It’s been that way for four generations in the Coyne family. It all started in 1930 when John Coyne went to work as a roofer for Penny Roofs in New York. In 1939, John moved to the West Coast, a few years later opening the Five-Star Roofing Co. The stars were in honor of the five sons he had in military service during World War II.

1953 – 1962: The Owens Years

Those boys all returned safely, and three of them – Robert, William, and Richard – worked at the trade until joining forces in 1953 with Owens Roofing in Los Angeles as roofers. As a supervisor for Owens Roofing, Bob compiled an exceptional record of roofing accomplishments with such jobs as roofing the Pauley Pavilion at U.C.L.A., The Forum, the I.R.S. building in Fresno, and the Federal Reserve Building in Los Angeles. Jim McClain, President of Owens and past president of the Roofing Contractors Association of Southern California had this to say of Bob Coyne:

“Through his own effort and imagination, Bob has developed mechanical devices right on the job – inventions so to speak – which at times have so aided our work that we could ‘save’ what at first appeared to be a really tight job.”

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1963 – 1972: Making a Name

During their 20 years of service with Owens Roofing, each of the Coyne brothers ascended through the company: Bill became a salesman for Owens Roofing in Los Angeles, Dick became superintendent of the Hayward, California shop, and Bob became vice president/superintendent of the Los Angeles shop in 1963. At the time of Bob’s promotion, Owens Roofing was one of the West’s larger roofing companies with annual gross sales of $470,000. Ten years later the Los Angeles shop alone was grossing nearly $6 million a year.

1973: A New Beginning

It was at this time, 1973, that Bob decided to venture into his own business with sons Patrick, Joseph, and Mark, and his younger brother Steve. It was the beginning of Alpine Roofing Co., Inc. in northern Nevada and northern California. What was started originally as a business to service residential roofing needs has become one of the Northwest’s most qualified commercial and industrial roofing businesses.

Today, Joe Coyne heads up the company with Pat’s children Teri & Peter by his side after Pat’s retirement in June 2017. And there are already 5th generation roofers in the making, with Peter Coyne Jr. being one of them.

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Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

Together, the Coyne family has covered some of northern Nevada’s and northern California’s finest structures and serves each client with the specific demands and roofing applications needed to satisfy quality standards and estimate restrictions. The ability to meet bid requests while providing service backed by years of qualified experience is what has made Alpine Roofing a strong force in the roofing business.

Over the years, the equipment has become more sophisticated, and the jobs more demanding. However, the enthusiasm and dedication to quality service that started over 80 years ago continue. Today, Alpine Roofing aggressively seeks out the finest materials and the latest technical advances to assure you of the industry’s best roofing possible.