How We Used Roofing SEO to Rank for Local Keywords

Our goal was to rank for commercial roofing in spring NV and similar variations of that keyword at Alpine Roofing CO. We read the ultimate guide to roofing SEO from The Webmasters and got to work. We started with a website redesign, which helped create a superior codebase with schema markup. The guide explained that ranking is not the singular goal. Instead, the objective is to both rank and generate clicks, which schema markup helped us accomplish.

Implementing On-Page SEO

Once our website was satisfactory, we got to work on service pages. At Alpine Roofing, we targeted keywords using the guide’s strategy. Terms like single ply roofing in spring NVmetal roofing in spring NV, and tpo roofing in spring NV were all on our radar. We wrote premium content and created a logical URL structure to please visitors. We focused on user experience based on the guide’s recommendations. We also re-wrote title tags, meta descriptions, and inserted a lesser keyword density. We wrote content for the user instead of for Google and other search engines.

Boosting Local SEO

Ranking on organic was excellent, but we also wanted map impressions from the local 3-pack. Using the guide, we learned that proper GMB optimization was key to ranking. We started requesting reviews with BrandREVU and focused on ranking in the local map pack. Although our reviews are not yet where we need them to be, we rank in the local map pack for several keywords. As our map impressions have increased, so have our phone calls from Google My Business. Reading this guide changed our business.

Entering 2021 in a Position of Strength

SEO helps us enter 2021 from a position of strength; despite a global pandemic and economic uncertainty, SEO for roofers has helped us excel in challenging times. We can’t stress enough how empowering it is to understand search engine optimization and use it to power our online presence. For us, the key was finding the right materials and credible sources. So many SEO articles are about manipulating the search engine, and it’s evident within the item itself. When we read The Webmaster guide, it was so well-written and spoke directly to roofers like us.

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