Can You Put a Metal Roof Over Shingles?

Are you wondering whether or not it is a good idea to install a metal roof over shingles? Any roofing company or roofer that is worth their mettle will insist otherwise. While it is true that metal roofs can ostensibly be installed over shingles, it is not advisable. That is because the addition of a metal roof over shingles will provide additional, and unnecessary, weight on your roof. Asphalt shingles are already heavy and are a burden on your home’s structure. In order to make sure that your roof operates at maximum efficiency, please be sure to have all existing roofing materials removed from your roof.
What is the Cheapest Metal Roofing?
If you are looking for a budget-friendly metal roofing option, you may want to investigate corrugated steel panel roofs. This is because corrugated steel panel roofs are a more affordable option compared to other metal roofing options like snap lock metal roofing. While it is true that metal roofing can be more expensive than asphalt roofing, metal roofs remain an excellent choice due to the fact that they exhibit longevity, durability, and heightened aesthetics.
What are the Disadvantages of a Metal Roof?

While metal roofs boast an arguable set of advantages, it is important to consider the disadvantages as well. Please review the following bullet-pointed list to find out more.

  • Noisy. Unfortunately, without the proper insulation material, metal roofs can be particularly noisy in a rainstorm.
  • Contracting and expanding. Metal roofs have the propensity to expand and contract as the temperatures shift from season to season. 
  • A more expensive option. Asphalt shingles are very popular because they are versatile and affordable. Metal roofs will last longer, but they also will cost more at the outset.
Do I Need Furring Strips Under Metal Roof?
If the opportunity arises where a metal roof is being installed over another roof, you will need to insulate the spaces between the wood strips with rigid insulation. This is done to prevent condensation before the installation of the roofing. In such instances, furring strips will be required. Generally speaking, twenty-four inches is a common spacing of furring strips for a metal roof.
What is the Best Color for a Metal Roof?
If you are looking to paint your metal roof installation, it will be wise for you to opt for colors that are on the light side of the color spectrum. Colors like white, light bronze, beige, and peach are wonderful at reflecting the sun’s heat. These colors do an admirable job of reflecting solar rays rather than absorbing them. It’s also important to consider that light colors are usually referred to as cool metal roofing colors.
How to Lay Sheet Metal Roofing
Sheet metal roofing should be done in a methodical, procedural way. If you are looking to lay your sheet metal roofing, a leading expert in metal roofing recommends that you lay the panels appropriately. The most important thing is that metal panels have two different edges. You will need to lay the edges so they overlap in the right way. You will want to put the thicker edge down first, and follow it up with the skinny edge. This can be a common roofing error, so please pay attention if you are looking to discover more advice on metal roofing.
How Wide is Sheet Metal Roofing
Are you looking to understand more about how wide sheet metal roofing can be? With regard to corrugated metal roofing, two of the most common widths are twenty-six and thirty-six inches. Other standard widths can be twenty-four to thirty-nine inches. It is important to consider that each piece will need to overlap by several inches, which is why you will probably require more material that you think by regular calculations.
How to Bend Sheet Metal Roofing
There are important factors to consider when manipulating sheet metal roofing. One of these considerations is how to bend metal roofing. Rollers are required for bending metal roofing sheets. Rolling uses a die, which is sized according to the desired radius of the metal sheet. The process of rolling can produce a maximum bend of 360 degrees.
Is Sheet Metal Roofing
There are many types of metal roofing materials in the roofing industry. Metal roofs can be made with corrugated galvanized steel, wrought iron, and more. Some roofing manufacturers take a unique approach and blend zinc, aluminum, and silicon-coated steel. If you end up with an aluminum roof, you may be surprised that while aluminum is more expensive than steel, it’s also more resistant. In addition, aluminum is quite lightweight.
standing seam metal roof with a window