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Roof Inspections

Annual inspections are a critical part of commercial roofing maintenance and will add years of service life to your roof. We will evaluate your commercial roofing system and all of its components. We will provide you a detailed report explaining what the existing roof consists of, including deck type, insulation, roof system(s) in place, the overall condition of the roof, and an estimate as to remaining roof life in our opinion. A roof inspection will help you determine the most cost-effective course of action to maintain the existing commercial roofing system, help pinpoint any problems with your current roof system, and help plan an effective strategy for replacement when required.

New Roof Installations

The impacts of implementing a new roof cannot be understated. We are a premier commercial roofer contractor to installing roofs on new construction projects. We work with all the areas general contractors and represent many Owners and Developers when it’s time to build. And once the roof is installed, Alpine Roofing can also provide repairs and maintenance when needed (see below).

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Old Roof Replacements

When the time comes that your roof has lived its life cycle and a replacement is warranted, we will give you an honest, thorough evaluation of your roof and give you experienced guidance towards making the best decision when it comes to timing your project and your roofing system choices. We know that a new roof installation is often a large, capital expense and your need to feel comfortable during this process.

Commercial Roof Repairs

We are at your service when all you need is roof repairs. Whether due to weather damage, aging roofs, or rooftop equipment, we do hundreds of repairs each year. We will always do our best to take care of your repair needs with honest and fair pricing. It is also very important to call your roofer whenever you have any new equipment installed on your roof for proper repair to be done to protect against leaking.
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With proper roof maintenance, you will extend the life of your roof by taking care of minor issues before they become a major expense. An ignored rooftop may have its service life cut short by many years and incur more expensive repair costs along the way. If maintenance is neglected chromic minor roof leaks may damage insulation or building structure, adding significantly to the cost of roof replacement. The value of a standard roof maintenance plan far outweighs the costs of major repairs or premature roof replacement due to neglect of the rooftop.

We highly recommend that you have rooftop maintenance performed once a year. We also suggest having your roof checked after severe weather for damage. Your roof will benefit from routine inspections to correct problems before they result in leaking or roof damage. Debris can collect on rooftops, impeding drainage, and should be removed periodically to ensure the longevity of your roofing system. Severe weather, tradesmen working on rooftop equipment, or loose equipment panels blowing across the roof can cause severe cuts and punctures. We can customize a commercial roof maintenance service plan to fit your building and specific roofing system needs.