Are Custom Gutters good?

Gutters are important

Gutters aren’t just for the final touch to a roof; they serve an important purpose. Gutters main purpose is funneling water off the roof and out away from the house. Why is this so important? When too much waterfalls close to home, the soil begins to erode, compromising the foundation and there is a basement, it can be leaking there, wreaking havoc. Custom gutters, or seamless gutters, are made specifically for a house can do better job of this than a basic gutter kit.

What is the difference between custom gutters vs ready-made gutters? Custom gutters are typically referred to as seamless gutters, meaning there is no seam in the gutter run. They are made-to-fit on the job site and without a seam, there is less weak spots for possible breaks and leaks. Ready-made gutters are just that, basically, a kit, and they are connected together as they are installed and will have several seams throughout the gutter run.

What are custom gutters made from?

Custom gutters, aka seamless gutters, are constructed on the job site from many of the same materials as ready-made, traditional gutters. The materials included in custom gutters are aluminum, copper, steel, and zinc. With custom gutters, you can have custom made hangers, downspouts, and end caps, for a total custom made gutter set up around your home. Go with the standard profiles available in ready-made gutters or choose an intricate design that matches your home’s architectural design.

Are custom gutters a good investment?

In comparison to traditional gutters, custom gutters are expensive, but those who choose to go with custom gutters feel they are worth the price because the maintenance is easier. Custom gutters provide additional curb appeal to a home, increasing the value with this basic addition to a house. 

If custom gutters are worth the extra money is a personal choice based on specific goals and needs. If you’re looking for an inexpensive, quick, and simple fix to flooding around the foundation of your home, then the traditional gutter system will suffice. 

Which is better vinyl or aluminum gutters?

Aluminum gutters are a lightweight metal that have been around for year and are found on  homes and commercial buildings. Vinyl gutters  lightweight plastic type of material that gained popularity for DIY homeowners because of their snap-together installation method. There are several factors to consider when choosing your gutters, including vinyl vs. aluminum gutter options:

  • Installation: The vinyl gutter system will snap together, making the DIY approach easy. They have seams all around the system vs going with aluminum or custom gutters that few to no seams. If you’re having the gutters installed, a custom gutter in a metal will be the stronger of the two options because of the lack of seams. 
  • Durability and Performance: While aluminum or custom gutters are more expensive, you get a better made product that isn’t going to bend or rust and will give you a lifespan up to 20 years regardless the climate. Vinyl gust are resistant to corrosion and rust also, but they aren’t as durable to the weather, getting brittle over time and cracking.
  • Cost: Affordability is a concern for most homeowners when looking gutter options. Readymade gutters like vinyl are less expensive than custom gutters made from aluminum or other metals. As it has been said, you get what you pay for, and gutters are no different. With vinyl not having the long lifespan as metal, you can expect to replace them a few times during the lifespan of custom gutters made from a metal. 
  • Other Reasons Custom Gutters vs DIY Vinyl Gutters is the seamless factor. No leaking and a smoother look for the curb appeal. There are more color options with custom gutters and more homeowners are choosing custom gutters, your home will blend in, yet stand out. 
What material is best for rain gutters?

Gutters come in many different materials and configurations. It can be a mental exercise in choosing the “right one”, so ask around. Ask neighbors and other homeowners what they have and why they chose that type of gutter. Ask different contractors that install gutters their recommendations and why. There isn’t really a “best” except for the individual person and their home, but the basic choices can be simplified like this: 

  • Vinyl Gutters: The most popular choices because of the ease of installation, economical, and they don’t rust. 
  • Aluminum Gutters: Lightweight and rust-proof, great for the DIY homeowner, withstands extreme temps better, can be painted, and available in custom gutters for the seamless bonus. 
  • Stainless Steel Gutters: Hefty price tag but sturdiest of all gutter materials, making this the longer lasting for the money. 
  • Copper or Wood Gutters: These are perfect for the historic home that is being brought back to life in its original being. A large financial investment, but when restoring history, it comes with a price tag. 
Are larger downspouts better?

Yes! When it comes to downspouts for your gutters, readymade or custom gutters, the larger the better. Larger downspouts will dispel water away faster and further, whereas the smaller downspouts have the tendency to get clogged up with debris.

What size are commercial gutters?

Commercial building typically will have custom gutters which can be manufactured in almost any size. The most common size for commercial structure is six inches versus the typical five inches for residential properties.

Many homeowners are anxious to be DIY homeowners and ask, “Can I install my own gutters?”, and the answer is yes. The big box commercial home improvement stores have the materials available, and some offer “classes” on weekends that will give you an idea of how to do your own gutter installation.

Or, if you’re wanting custom gutters but you are sure how to get custom gutters. The internet is the yellow pages of today and much more helpful in finding professional gutter installation services, including custom gutters. Call 775.358.7663 today for your custom gutter project.

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