Signs You Need Commercial Roof Restoration

Despite the resilient nature of most commercial roofs, the day will arrive when you must consider roof replacement versus restoration. Assuming that the roof has not completely degraded, roof restoration will often represent a great of savings. At Alpine Roofing, we accomplish roof restoration through repairs and a premier line of coatings. If you notice any of the following signs of trouble, call us for a consultation.

Punctures or Tears

Punctures or tears can develop on a single ply roof for a variety of reasons. Excessive foot traffic may have worn down the membrane, as could a particularly nasty hailstorm. Each puncture and tear represents a possible point for the infiltration of water, and so should benefit from professional attention. If you roof has numerous punctures, a roof coating could serve as the comprehensive answer that you need.

Higher Energy Bills

One of the main functions of any commercial roof is to protect your building from excess sunlight. Roofs accomplish this through the reflection of harmful radiation. As a roof ages and begins to break down, you will begin to notice a hike in your energy bills. This means that your building has begun to absorb more heat, which prompts an increase in the labor of your air conditioners.

Ponding or Sagging

If water collects in one certain region of your roof, then you have a major problem. Water should always drain evenly from a commercial roof. When it doesn’t, then you have an issue with ponding. Ponded water creates pressure on a commercial roof, which creates a permanently sagged area vulnerable to water leaks.

At Alpine Roofing, we offer full commercial roof restoration in Sparks, NV. Our roof coatings can solve a great number of problems with roofs, while our all-around repairs can address issues like ponding or sagging. To learn more or schedule service, give us a call today at 775.358.7663.