Considerations for Your Commercial Roof

When it comes time for your commercial roof replacement, the options can seem overwhelming at best. From material choices to installation procedures, the selection goes on and on. Fortunately, there are key factors that can help you decide on the most beneficial material for your commercial roof. Concluding these points can help you identify the perfect roofing product for your project.


Of course, the most important element to your roof purchase is your budgetary constraints. Many materials are very costly while others are more manageable by far. Metal roofing is a fairly cost-efficient option for your commercial roof because of its extreme durability. However, this system is more expensive than many other roof solutions.


Take some time to think about the area and environment your building is located around. Are there multiple trees that regularly leave sap and debris on your rooftop? Are there extreme winds, hail, or other storm-related dangers? What is the pitch for your roof? These are important questions to ask yourself before deciding on a new roof material. Some materials are created to minimize water damage on flat roofs but are not durable against acidic dangers like tree sap. Knowing what your roof’s potential dangers are can help you decide on a material that protects to the max.

Time Constraints

Many times, the season, weather, and business hours play a substantial role in material selection. If your building needs a new roof in the dead of Winter, some flat roofing choices such as foam and acrylic may be out of the question. Many types of roof materials require a temperature and moisture window that must be followed.

When it’s time to replace your business’ roof, call our experts to help guide you through the process and offer helpful material advice for any roof type. Call the Alpine Roofing Co. experts today at 775.358.7663 to find out more.

man on a roof