Metal roofing has long been admired for its impressive attributes. A metal roof is easy to install, is fire resistant, lasts a lifetime and requires virtually no maintenance. You can even install it over your existing roof.

Commercial / Industrial panels and standing seam or Architectural panels are the two main types of metal roofing. But as a consumer, how do you choose the one that is best suited for your home?

Standing Seam / Architectural Metal Roofing Basics

Standing seam metal roofing is constructed of interlocking metal panels that run from the ridge of the roof to the eave. The seams of the two panels are raised above the surface to allow the water to run off rather than seep between the panels. The seams are fastened to the roof using one of two methods. The first utilizes hidden anchors that are located on the raised portion of the panel. The adjacent panel overlaps the raised edge hiding the fastener. The second method is less costly and uses exposed fasteners that are installed through the panel directly into the roof sheathing.

Standing seam metal roofs have the ability to withstand a wide range of climates from cold New England winters to hot and humid summers of the South. This makes them a popular choice no matter what region of the country you live in. Companies now offer this roofing in a wide range of colors and styles, helping shed its commercial image. The vertical lines of a standing seam metal roof can function as an architectural design element. In many ways, this system highlights the valleys, peaks and gables of the roof. Installing a metal roof can also save you money on your utility bills since these roofs have the ability to deflect the sun's rays.

Commercial / Industrial Metal Roofing and Wall Basics

Commercial metal roofing and wall panels consists of interlocking rippled metal sheets that are fastened directly to the roof or wall sheathing. The resulting system is extremely durable and lightweight and is capable of lasting up to 50 years. The panels are fastened through the panel itself with a rubber gasketed fastener. Much like standing seam metal roofing, Commercial metal is fire resistant and capable of withstanding a wide range of climates.




From the Roof up Herlong Army Depot was a building that had a flat 45-mill EPDM roof in place. Our job was to install a light weight retro fit truss system along with a 24-gauge metal roof panel Alpine Roofing can offer building owners and contractors so much more then just a standard metal roof system.

Our experienced and qualified installers can install complete custom gutter systems, custom leader heads, coping caps, flashings, all types of roofing and wall panels, snow retention systems or any other custom sheet metal work you can dream up.

Alpine Roofing

Herlong Army Depot 2008





Sheet Metal Job Profile

Just a few of the jobs Alpine Roofing has completed in the three decades of installing sheet metal.

-National Bowling Stadium

-Bud Beasley Elementary School

-Fernley Intermediate School

-Whittell High School

-Dayton Elementary School

-US Bank

-Virginia City Youth Center

-Truckee Public Utilities district Office

-Whole Foods

-IGT Day Care

-Mt. Rose new Slide Lodge

-Herlong Army Depot

-The wave Carwash

- Maverik Gas Stations

- Battle Mountain High School

Battle Mountain High School 2012

With over 1,000,000 square feet of metal roofing and well over 2,000,000 lft. of coping caps and gutter systems installed over the past 30-years. Alpine Roofing has become Northern Nevada’s # 1 metal roofing contractor

Battle Mt. High School


Mt. Rose Slide Lodge

GIC Carson City

Virginia City Youth Center


The Wave Care Wash

Fernley Intermediate School

Whole Foods





Alpine Roofing only uses the finest quality products from proven manufacturer's that stand behind their products.






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