BUR is a roofing system that been around for well over a hundred year. It is made up of multiple plies of asphalt saturated fiberglass sheets that are layered and held in place with hot asphalt. 20 years ago BUR was the most popular system being installed on commercial and industrial buildings. But as the single-ply membranes started to take foothold in the 90ís BUR has taken a back seat not because of its quality or longevity but do to the simple fact that many of todays roofing companies and roofers simply donít know or understand how to install it.

Alpine Roofing is a leader and innovator in the BUR market with roofs still in service today that were installed 30 plus years ago. Installing a BUR roof system is a art form and if carefully crafted and professionally installed a BUR roof system can last as long if not longer then any single-ply roof system on the market today.




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